Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7 worst international aid ideas (via Matador Network)

Maybe their hearts were in the right place. Maybe not. Either way, these are solid contenders for the title of “worst attempts at helping others since colonialism.” 1. One million t-shirts for Africa Aid circles employ the cynical acronym SWEDOW…

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Home Again

It's always good to be back in my own bed in my home with Lady. I had a good sleepover with Aunty Gail, and a cute little Chihuahua mix named Charlotte. She's also on vacation. Lady went to Nepal for a week. It got so hot in our house her crayons melted. She had set them out to get ready for her next trip to Bangladesh. It involves some children's events, so she has been getting everything ready. Brand new Crayola Crayons from America. Melted. Lady was not happy.
Flat Me went to Nepal but Lady forgot to take photos! Hope she takes Flat Me to Bangladesh! I'll be vacationing with a new family with two boys, then I will go back to Aunty Gail's when Lady goes to Thailand Yes, I know. She is traveling a lot this month. Tell me about it. At least I get good treats and gifts.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I am back in India! I was not able to leave until June 2, arriving in India in the wee hours of June 4. The sweltering heat just zaps my energy, but still, it is good to be back. Within hours, Marley came home! Home is where your dog is! Thanks for all your prayers. 
The awesome volunteer team from Kentucky returned to Apple Country last week. I only wish I could have been there as well. I hope I can post some photos though. The team repainted the walls and decorations on the outer walls, put up plastic ceiling, added four computers to their computer lab, hooked up a sound system, added new tables and chairs, and new teaching materials. Chuck, Hannah, and Miss Julie returned with three others. Justin used to live in HP and is now in Kentucky! He's staying around for awhile. 
This kind of support advances what Bill and Rae can do for His kingdom. The van they purchased last time has made such a difference in their ministry in the mountains. What a blessing! 
This team also blessed Pastor Ajay as well, with ministry materials.
In other big news for Apple Country...
Stacy arrived just on the heels of the Kentucky team! When Bill and Rae dropped off Chuck and his team, they picked up Stacy, a college student from Florida State. Stacy will be helping at the school through the summer. Can you believe this brave girl? This is her first trip by air ever! What a long trip for your first time! She and I flew back to India together and she did great! The same day she arrived by plane, she also traveled by taxi, subway, auto rickshaw, and bicycle rickshaw! We couldn't find a boat. Please remember Stacy as she is in Apple Country this summer. So far, she loves it! 
I miss the mountains, especially with this heat, but I am determined to bloom where I am planted. Guess I better go water myself.

Friday, May 10, 2013


After three years in India, I am spending three months in the United States. I've been catching up with family and friends in Texas, Florida, and New York. I've had the blessing of sharing what God is doing in India, and saying thank you to my prayer warriors and encouragers. It's great to be back in my home church and enjoy corporate worship.
My favorite place is my beach. This is my place of solace, of respite; my place to commune with God. The waves carry my messages written in the sand. The wind conveys my cries and prayers and praises. The sea gulls and terns chime in. The dolphins and pelicans entertain, and leave me in awe of God's creativity. My beach is the first and the last place I like to go. The shells remind me that even things broken can be beautiful. I soak up the fresh air before heading back to the city with the worst air quality in the world. 
It's hard to leave aging parents, but I have their blessing. They know that when the time comes and they need me to care for them, I will come. And it will be my blessing. I do what I can while I am here. I don't take this time for granted. 
I so appreciate your prayers. How can you pray for me?
*Pray for my last weeks here in the US
*Pray for the volunteer team need for February 2014 -for God's chosen people to hear His voice and be willing to come
*For medical issues to be resolved
*For travel mercies as I head back to India around May 24 (hopefully)
Please lift up the workers in Bangladesh during this time of political unrest. Hindu and Christian minorities are getting caught in the middle.