Thursday, January 26, 2012


63 years ago today, India adopted its new constitution. Today, celebrations are underway all over the country. Today is a good day to pray for India, its government, and for true religious freedom. Many states in India have "anti- conversion laws," which make it illegal for anyone to convert another person to their religion. India’s Freedom of Religion Acts, referred to as anti-conversion laws, are supposed to curb religious conversions made by “force,” “fraud” or “allurement.” But according to Christians and rights groups, in reality the laws obstruct conversion generally, as Hindu nationalists invoke them to harass Christian workers with arrests and incarcerations. 
I can't convert anyone. It is up to God. And each person much choose what they believe. Of course I pray that the people of this country will choose to follow the Most High God, but I can't make them. I can only make sure they have a chance to make an informed decision. Thanks you for joining me in prayer today for the people of India who do not follow Jesus. Pray for the believers, that they may have opportunities to share their faith in a bold way today.