Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Moms and Friends Learn Lessons from A Widow Whose Son was Restored to Life

Navita knocked on my door the day before I left for the US, wanting to know about my cooking class. I told her I didn't have a cooking class, but I had a Bible Club where we learned lessons from women in the Bible, and sometimes cooked. I told her to come back in August if she wanted to join. Last week, she returned to my door, and we had a chat. She is looking for a part-time job. She is a master's degree student. I need a language tutor, so we're going to try it out. 
Yesterday, Navita attended her first Moms and Friends Bible Club meeting. She made nine, not including Em and Jay, who were visiting with me. She stayed behind afterward and we had our first lesson. She might be using too much English for me, but we'll see. I have been praying for a language tutor, and a young woman to invest in. 
 Em tell her own story.
 Jay tells her story, and how she uses the henna designs.

 The ladies taught me how to make idli, a South Indian staple.
 Making the idli from suji flour.
 In the blue and white blouse on the right is Navita.

 The ladies wanted to make jewelry today. We need more gold earring hooks and some earring studs. We're good with beads, but could use some glod barrel clasps.
 The idli.
Manskika, Manju, Meetu, Mona, Monika, Sonia, Monika2, and Navita. Cherring took the baby home. Please pray for these ladies by name. Some of you will be meeting them soon!! La

Big Girls Bible Club Learn Lessons From A Bad Girl

The Big Girls Bible club resumed last Saturday, with eleven girls returning. My visitors from the capital city, Jay and Em, shared the story of the woman with a bad reputation who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears using henna designs on their hands. They had hoped to do the mehendhi on the girls, but the schools don't allow them to have the designs on their hands.
 Jay telling the story.
 Acting out the story.

Final products: a set of paper drawers.

Moms and Friends Return

Last Wednesday, Moms and Friends returned to learn lessons from Lydia. On a very rainy day, five ladies came. They were absolutely thrilled with their gift of a set of measuring cups and spoons sent with me from Sylvia and my mom.
Lydia was a seller of purple cloth who would meet with other women down by the river for prayer. After hearing about Jesus, the Son of God, she believed, and invited Paul to stay awhile. Her whole house believed. She is the first recorded believer in Europe. She practiced hospitality, and held church in her home.
After the story and discussion, we retreated to the kitchen to make healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a favorite with the ladies. Manju's mother-in-law loves these low sugar cookies. These cookies make Manju's life these days a little more bearable. Every week we have prayer requests for relationships with mother-in-laws. God's Word teaches the women how ot respond, and how to model for their daughters the way their mother-in-laws should be treated.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Return to Apple Country 2011

I have some friends coming next month who will help out at the small school. I took some photos to help them plan for their awesome adventure!! I hope you find them enjoyable and helpful!
 One of many along the way. You'll have to come to see the rest!!
 VES morning assemby on the only play area available.
 The teachers, and the spot to hang swing seats.
 Left of the gate garden area in front of the fence.
 Front gate.

 3-5 year-old's classroom.
 Room used by 1st thru 4th
 3 and 4 year-olds.
 This is growing in front of the out house.
 This is the out house. Practice squatting!
 Right outside the outhouse. I asked Bill to clear the area.
 Another wall in the 1st thru 4th room.
 Neighborhood watch.
 Pallu, Bill and Rae's daughter. She'll be 2 in December.
 A neighbor.
 Pre-Kdg floor.
 Old but working monitor.
 Store room needs work: shelves, organizing...
 Locals said no parts are available to fix this old CPU

 Only currently working computer.
 Bill in his office. Wants a better table/desk.
 In Y village, an old lady chips rocks for 3 hours every morning and 3 every evening.

 Slim table the computer currently sits on.
 Area for the computer table and computers.
Y Village.