Thursday, June 30, 2011


Before going to SG, we went shopping for tee shirts for the boys at the Grace Home, where we will be going tomorrow, and for supplies for Saturday's Women's Meeting. You'll have to ask Dusty about this guy we met in the stationary shop!
We all went to a town about 45 minutes up the mountain. We hired a taxi. It's a beautiful trip. We were invited to share a message with the church there. The church doubles as a preschool. Bro. Lynn delivered the main message of encouragement while each of the others shared briefly as well. They were well received.

Early birds.
 While waiting for church to start, Bro. Lynn did the disappearing thumb trick.
 It was funny watching them all try ot do it!

 A man of many talents!
Dusty sharing a personal testimony.
 Bethany sharing, or is she explaining about her lovely dupatta?

Nancy, right, did a great job of translating for us. She's 16 and a senior!

This little guy didn't appreciate all the good messages. He cried.
 Got water?

 After the church service, we went up the mountain to my friend Naina's house for snacks.
 Dusty really liked the deep fried bread called bread pakora.

 We hitched a ride down the mountain in this car.

 We took the bus back to town, then hiked up the mountain from the bus stand, and walked by the Catholic church.
 Christ Church by night.
Bethany bringing back parachute pants. She lost her drawstring and had to hold her pants up all the way back from the small town!! She finally got it back in!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oops! One is down this morning.But good news, tonight that sicky is feeling much better, and seems good to go.
Today the ladies led my Moms and Friends Bible Club. We had a record eight ladies come, including a new lady! These women are all moms of daughters, live in my neighborhood, and are from different religious backgrounds. 

 Even baby Padma gets into the action songs!

 Two of the ladies planned today's snacks. In honor of our American visitors, they prepared two Indian dishes. Here, they are making rice pudding.
They also brought dokala, a tasty snack.

 Bethany tells the women her story, and Lydia's story.

 Mona reads about Lydia in her language.
 The women appreciated Bethany's lesson and sharing of her story. She did an awesome job  teaching lessons from the life of Lydia.
The guys met with a local pastor to make plans for the week.
The ladies, Jerry and I worked all evening preparing for the coming events. Time for bed!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today's an acclimation day-a day to get used to the high altitude, the climate, the culture, and a time to recover from all the travel. The ladies will choose fabric for their "suits," or  local dress. Our friend Heera will meet us and take the cloth to "stitch" the three-piece suits which includes pants, top, and a long scarf. It's quite a hike to get up to the mall, and a lot of walking through the lower bazaar, so the ladies will get their exercise. And they will see what normal life is like for me when I go shopping. Well, I am not so sure I will put them on our crowded local buses that I take to get there!! That may be just a bit too much culture just yet!
Today is also a planning day- time to plan for all the events of the week. We've got lots of good stuff tentatively planned, but it's the HS's plans that we want! So, we yield.
The men are on top of the ridge -the highest spot in our city. They will meet us at the bazaar (market area) and our mall, which is a long shopping street on top of the mountain. Three guys are preparing for their trip tomorrow. The two men staying here will meet one of our partners today and make plans with him.
It was like Christmas getting all the children's books, stickers, pencils and pens for the kids!! Thank you to all who had a part in that!
 On LS's balcony with Marley looking on.
 The clouds are obscuring the beautiful view. Those clouds let loose on us while we were shopping.
 Their first local bus ride, going to the "mall."
 Up on the ridge.
 A replica of Shakespeare's theater.
 "Don't step on my baby!"
 Bethany wanted red but she bought green. Cathy wanted green but she bought red! We went into many fabric shops ot find their fabric for their salwar kameezes!
 Bro. Lynn was happy to change to a room with an attached bath!
 The view and the garden are both beautiful! Hey, is this an ad for Cabelo's????
 We woke Dusty up from a nap! He's in with Bro. Lynn!
 They all came to my home for dinner. Jerry made subzi (vegetables) and chappattis (flat bread). She also made wonderful cinnamon rolls for dessert -at least until I tried to help and mixed up the baking soda with the icing sugar! Well, they are in the same color canisters!! We had to cut the tops off and make more icing sugar! Nobody complained. They took turns contacting family members and playing tug-of-war with my dog. He was happy.

 Hmmmmm. I wonder who Dusty is talking to!!

Metros, Trains, and Automobiles

After breakfast at 6:00 am, we walked to the Metro station. The first two cars are for ladies only . Well, guess where Brian and Eric made a beeline to?

 It took two trains to get to the railway station. Of course we were on the far side from our track, and at the wrong end of the train. We made it with four minutes to spare!
 Better pray over the train food.
 Hmmmm. Veg. not bad!
 Veg cutlets for breakfast. We've already had tea and biscuits (cookies).
 We were on this train for four hours before switching to a big taxi. Four of us crammed in the back in the two facing each other seats.
 Guess who's enjoying Mac Donald's?

 We made it back to my city and nobody got sick! PTL!
 We had our welcome dinner tonight at L & L's house: lasagna, garlic bread, green beans, veggies and dip, sweet tea, and chocolate meringue pie!!

LS gave us maps of this state to pray over, and keep track of where we go. It's time to go back to the motel!